Barred Surfperch


The Barred Surfperch is a member of the Embiotocidae family, ​also known as Surperches. This fascinating species can be found​ along the coasts and‍ are known to captivate anglers with their exquisite color patterns and the exciting‍ challenge they present when fished.

Conservation Status

Fortunately, the Barred Surfperch isn’t in any immediate danger of extinction. It is⁢ a⁤ relatively common species, particularly in protected coastal marine‍ parks. Nevertheless, conservation efforts always aim at sustaining healthy ecosystems for these and⁣ other marine species.


Statistical​ Parameter Average Range
Length 15 inches 9-21‌ inches
Weight 1.5 lbs 1-3 ⁤lbs
Average Lifespan 4 years N/A


Barred Surfperch‍ are⁤ native to the northeastern Pacific ​Ocean, particularly⁢ along ⁤the coasts of North and Central America. They’re commonly found ⁣from ⁢Vancouver Island,⁣ Canada, to the⁣ northern part of‍ Baja California, Mexico.


Preferring​ the marine coastal environment, they spend most of their ​time in shallow depths to⁢ about 9 meters but can occasionally be found at depths up to 30 meters. They also thrive in temperatures ranging between 10˚C to 20˚C.

When and Where to See

Barred Surfperch are usually‌ present year-round‍ with peak times often in late winter⁣ to spring. The best time to find them is during ‍high‍ tide.

Best Fishing Locations

Ideal fishing⁢ locations include the coasts of California and Oregon. This includes:

  1. Malibu, California
  2. Newport, Oregon
  3. Santa Cruz, California
  4. Monterey Bay, California
  5. Half Moon Bay, California

How to Catch Barred Surfperch

Successful fishing often involves using shrimp, sandworms, or ‍artificial lures. ⁣Fishing techniques can vary, but bottom fishing during the high tide is usually⁢ effective.

Identification Guide

They ⁢have a telltale series of vertical bars across their sides, hence the name. These ⁣dark bars contrast with its silver⁢ to brass-colored body. Its size and reddish fins can differentiate it from other ‍Surfperches.


Barred Surfperch ​is characterized by its firm, mild-tasting flesh. Grilled, fried,⁢ or baked, ‍it is ‍versatile and ‌can be used in various recipes. It’s a good source ⁢of protein ⁣and low⁣ in⁣ fat.

Additional Information

Feeding primarily on small⁢ crustaceans, they have a habit of foraging in the surf and seem ⁢to prefer turbulent water. While⁤ they have few natural predators due⁣ to their toxic flesh, human-induced threats⁢ such as oil spills and habitat loss are a concern.

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