Bass (Spotted)


The Spotted ​Bass (Micropterus punctulatus) is a species belonging to⁤ the ​Centrarchidae family. This​ feisty, resilient fish is a popular target​ for anglers, known for putting up a good ⁤fight and being a tasty ⁤table fare.

Conservation Status

The Spotted Bass is currently considered a ⁢species of ‘Least Concern’ by⁣ the conservation community. Ongoing efforts are being made to maintain healthy populations, primarily through catch-and-release fishing regulations.


Average Range
Length 12-16 in 6-24 in
Weight 1-2 lbs 1-10 lbs
Lifespan 5-8 Years


Spotted Bass has its ​stronghold in the warmer rivers and reservoirs of the⁤ American South, anywhere from Texas to Florida. They don’t ‌migrate, sticking around their home waters all year round.


The ⁣Spotted Bass thrives in freshwater environments, particularly in silt-bottom pools and backwater areas in ‌mid to large-sized streams and rivers. They prefer temperatures of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

When and Where to See

These fish​ are ​more active in the warmer months, particularly in the spring and fall when they search ⁢for food ​and mate.‌ During ​the day, they are most often found around structure, ⁤such as submerged logs ⁣or vegetation.

Best Fishing Locations

  • Arkansas River, Arkansas
  • Lake Lanier, Georgia
  • Lake Eufaula, Alabama
  • Clear Lake, California
  • Grand Lake, Oklahoma

How to Catch

Spotted Bass are opportunistic feeders and respond well to variety of lures​ and bait.​ Lures that mimic their natural prey, like ​crawfish or shad, can be effective. Fishing techniques such as fly fishing and drop-shotting can⁤ be effective as well.

Identification Guide

Spotted Bass are green to⁢ olive green in‍ color, with a series of dark spots running along‍ their sides. These fish have ⁣a slightly smaller‍ mouth than the ‍Largemouth Bass, ‍but a larger spiny ⁣dorsal fin.

Culinary Uses

When it comes to the dinner ‍table, Spotted Bass makes for a tasty treat. The flesh is considered moderately firm with a mild, pleasant ‍flavor. It can be baked, pan-fried, or grilled,‍ and is often served with a simple side of ‍vegetables. Beware of bones while eating!

Extra Information

Spotted Bass⁣ are known for their aggression and will readily strike at anything that comes their⁢ way. They often share their homes with other Bass​ species, ⁣and have to fight for their territory. Predators of Spotted Bass include larger‍ fish, birds of ‌prey, and humans.

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