Blackfin Sculpin


The Blackfin Sculpin is a fish ‌species from the Cottidae family commonly found across the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

Conservation Status

Currently, the Blackfin Sculpin’s conservation status ⁢is classified as Least⁤ Concern⁣ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This classification means that the species faces no ‌immediate threat of extinction.


Length15 cm10-20 cm
Weight80 g50-150 g
Lifespan6 years4-8 years


The Blackfin Sculpin ‍can​ be found ​across the northeastern Pacific Ocean, ranging from Northern California to the Gulf of Alaska. These fish do not have a known ‌migration pattern, remaining in the same location their entire lives.


  • Water Type: Saltwater
  • Depth Range: 1-200 m
  • Temperature Range: 2-10°C

When and Where to See

There is no specific season to observe the Blackfin Sculpin,⁣ as they can be found throughout the year. ‌They are most active during the day,⁢ retreating to the seabed at night.

Best Fishing Locations

The ‌best fishing locations for Blackfin Sculpin include the coastal waters of North Pacific Ocean’s various regions:

  1. Gulf of Alaska
  2. Northern California

Look ⁤for⁣ rocky bottoms where these fish often conceal⁤ themselves.

How to ⁤Catch

Blackfin Sculpin can be attracted using shrimp or squid‌ as bait. As they are bottom-dwelling fish, bottom fishing techniques are typically the most‌ effective.

Identification Guide

The Blackfin Sculpin is a medium-sized fish with a dark body and lighter, mottled patterns across ⁤its back and sides. Its dorsal⁤ fins are black, giving ‌the fish its name.⁢ Compared to other sculpins, it is larger and has a sleeker, more streamlined shape.

Additional Information

Blackfin Sculpin feed on a diet primarily consisting of‍ small crustaceans and other​ invertebrates.​ They lay their eggs in nests on the ocean floor, and the male guards the eggs until they hatch.

Natural predators include larger ‍fish and seabirds. There are no significant human-induced threats.

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