Blob Sculpin


The Blob Sculpin, scientifically known‌ as the Psychrolutes phrictus, is a⁣ unique ⁤species ‌belonging‌ to the family Psychrolutidae.

Conservation Status

As per the International Union for Conservation of Nature‌ (IUCN), the Blob Sculpin ​is ⁣not yet evaluated and holds an ​undefined conservation status.

Conservation Efforts

While official conservation efforts for the Blob Sculpin ⁣aren’t well-documented, the deep-sea dwelling nature ⁣of‍ the species ⁤somewhat protects it from ‌human-induced threats. However, inadvertent harm via deep-sea trawling and marine pollution is a concern.


Statistic Average Range
Length 71 cm 60-85 cm
Weight 9 kg 7-11 kg
Average Lifespan Up to 30​ years N/A


The Blob Sculpin is found prevalently in the North Pacific, specifically in the Bering Sea and near the Aleutian Islands, ⁤as far the Sea ⁣of Japan. As a deep-sea species, it stays relatively stationary, with no known migration patterns.


  • Water type: Saline (Marine)
  • Depth range: 280⁣ – 2885 m
  • Temperature range: 2 – 4 °C

When and Where to see

Given the species’ deep-sea habitat, Blob Sculpins are‍ not typically encountered by humans.‍ However, they are mostly observed by deep-sea submersibles that​ have the ability to ​reach⁣ their habitat depth.

Identification Guide

Its name befits the Blob Sculpin’s physical‌ appearance⁣ with‌ a⁣ large, gelatinous blob-like shape. They have large,⁣ wing-like pectoral fins, as well as a small tail fin. The fish’s color is variable, generally ranging from gray to brown.

Additional⁢ Information

  • Behaviour: Blob sculpins live amongst rocky seafloor habitats. They primarily feed on crustaceans and cephalopods.
  • Predators and Threats: Their main predators are larger‍ deep-sea dwelling fish. However,‌ human-induced threats such as deep-sea trawling and pollution are of greater concern.

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