Bluefish, scientifically known ​as Pomatomus saltatrix, is a widely ⁣recognized marine species that belongs to the family Pomatomidae.

Conservation Status

As of⁤ the International⁣ Union ⁢for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) 2021 assessment, the Bluefish is listed as “Least ​Concern”.


Feature Average Range
Length 39cm 20-105cm
Weight 2-4kg 0.5-14kg
Average Lifespan 9-11 years


Bluefish‌ are a migratory species found in both coastal and offshore waters but are most⁤ commonly associated with ‌warmer ⁣regions. They are ‍found in subtropical oceans throughout the world, including‌ the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean.


Bluefish inhabit a wide‍ range⁢ of marine habitats from brackish rivers and estuaries to⁤ coastal shelves and offshore with a ‌depth range from 1-70m. They prefer warm water temperatures,‍ between 66-72F or 19-22C.

When ‍and Where to See

Bluefish exhibit seasonal migration, moving south to⁣ warmer ​waters in the winter months, typically⁤ from November to March. They are ‍most active during dawn and dusk.

Best Fishing Locations

Some of ⁢the best locations for bluefish fishing include the East Coast‌ of the United States, particularly the ⁣Mid-Atlantic⁣ region, Florida, and the Carolinas, as well‍ as‌ New South Wales in Australia, South ⁣Africa, and the ‍Mediterranean Sea.

General Tips

Look for ‌areas with baitfish as Bluefish are aggressive ‍feeders. Watch for birds diving into the ⁢water as they can⁣ indicate Bluefish ‌feeding beneath the surface.

How to Catch

Bluefish are known to strike both live bait and artificial lures, with fishing techniques like trolling, ⁣casting, and bottom⁣ fishing proving successful. The best time⁤ to⁤ catch them is during tidal changes, especially during ⁣early ⁣morning or late evening hours.

Identification Guide

Bluefish are characterized by their robust, torpedo-like body form which is blue-ish on top, silver‌ beneath, and‍ their strong, wide jaws filled‌ with sharp teeth.


How to ⁢Cook

Bluefish are⁣ often grilled, smoked, or made into a fish pate.

Taste Profile

Bluefish have⁢ a rich, full flavor and a high oil content.

Nutritional ⁤Information

Bluefish is​ nutritionally rich, packed with protein, vitamin D, and​ omega-3⁢ fatty acids.

Additional⁤ Information


Bluefish are⁤ known for their aggression and have⁤ been observed working in large schools ⁤to corral smaller fish before attacking them from‌ all sides.

Predators and Threats

Predators of the Bluefish include larger fish species, marine mammals, and birds, while overfishing ⁣presents the most significant ⁤human-induced‌ threat.

Cultural/Historical ​Significance

The‍ Bluefish is a popular game fish around the world and‌ features in ⁣several fishing​ competitions.

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