Bocaccio Rockfish


The Bocaccio Rockfish (Sebastes paucispinis) ⁢is ​a ​member of the Scorpionfish family, ‌or Scorpaenidae. This intriguing species ​is a saltwater fish‍ native to the Pacific coast of North America.

Conservation ⁤Status

The Bocaccio Rockfish⁤ is currently⁢ listed as Critically Endangered by the International ​Union for ⁤Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Conservation ⁢efforts‍ are focused on habitat ‍preservation and restrictive fishing regulations to facilitate population recovery.

Conservation Status Efforts
Critically Endangered Habitat⁤ preservation, Flat fishing regulations


Statistic Average Range
Length 60 cm 20 ​- ⁣91​ cm
Weight 3.4 kg 0.5 -​ 8.2⁣ kg
Average Lifespan 50 years N/A


Bocaccio Rockfish are native to the Pacific coast of North America.⁤ They are known to ⁢inhabit areas from the Gulf of Alaska down to Baja California. There ​is scant data regarding their‌ migration patterns⁣ but⁢ they are generally thought ​to be⁢ residential.


Bocaccio Rockfish prefer saltwater habitats ‌and they occupy a depth range of 50 to 400 meters. Their ideal water temperature ⁢range‌ is between 5 and 15 °C.

Water‍ Type Depth Range Temperature Range
Saltwater 50 – 400 m 5 – 15 °C

When and Where to See

During the summer months, you are likely to ⁣see the Bocaccio Rockfish⁤ in shallow ​waters.‍ In the early ⁢morning or late ‍afternoon are often the best times ⁣to spot these elusive fish.

Best Fishing Locations

The top fishing spots for Bocaccio ⁢Rockfish include:

  1. Monterey ‌Bay, California
  2. Prince William Sound, Alaska
  3. Gulf of Alaska

How to ⁤Catch

The Bocaccio Rockfish prefers shrimp and small⁢ baitfish. Popular fishing techniques include‌ bottom ‌fishing and trolling. The best time to​ fish for Bocaccio is ‍during ‌the warm summer ‌months.

Identification ⁤Guide

Bocaccio‌ Rockfish are typically a⁢ reddish-brown or olive-green‌ colour, ⁣with lighter bellies. ⁣The species is distinctively characterized by its protruding⁣ lower jaw and elongated second dorsal ​fin.

Culinary Aspects

Bocaccio​ Rockfish is a ​mild-flavoured, low-fat fish that is often grilled, ⁣baked, or pan-fried. It ‌contains⁢ high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Simple recipes often involve fresh herbs,⁤ lemon, and butter.

Additional Information

Bocaccio Rockfish exhibit interesting behaviours; they are known to feed on small fish and invertebrates. They are also a‌ known prey for sea lions ‌and larger fish. The Bocaccio has a significant role in the⁣ folklore of Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest, where it is considered a vital​ part ‌of the marine ecosystem.

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