Copper Shark


The Copper‌ Shark,⁤ also known as the Bronze ​Whaler shark,⁢ is ⁤a fascinating coastal species scientifically known as‍ Carcharhinus​ brachyurus.​ This captivating marine species belongs to the Carcharhinidae family⁣ and is known for its ⁣distinctive copper-toned colour.

Conservation Status

The Copper shark‍ is currently categorized as ‘Near Threatened’ according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature ​(IUCN).‍ This is ‍mostly due to overfishing and habitat loss.⁢ Conservation efforts ​for‌ this species largely centre around regulation of fishing practices and rehabilitation ‍of their natural habitats.


Category Measurement
Average Length 2.5-3.5 meters
Length Range 2 – 3.5 meters
Average Weight 130-305 kg
Weight Range 130-305 ⁤kg
Average Lifespan 30-40‍ years
Temperature Range 12-24°C


Copper sharks can be found globally in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters. They are abundant in the Mediterranean and Adriatic⁣ Sea, particularly off ⁤the coasts of Italy and Greece. They ​exhibit a seasonal migration⁤ pattern, moving⁣ towards the‌ poles‌ in the summer and towards ‍the equator during winter.


Copper sharks inhabit both inshore and offshore waters. ⁣They prefer ⁣temperate waters and can ⁢be found at a depth range ‌of 30 ⁣- 100 meters. The optimal water temperature for this⁢ species is ⁢between 12​ and 24°C.

When and Where to See

Copper sharks⁤ are mostly active during​ the night. In‍ terms of seasonal patterns, they follow the temperature of the ⁢water, moving towards the‌ equator during winters and towards‌ the ‍poles during summers.

Best Fishing Locations

  • Great⁤ Australian Bight, Australia
  • Adriatic Sea, Italy
  • Southland, New Zealand
  • False Bay, South Africa
  • Montauk, United States
  • Punta de la Banya, Spain

How to Catch

Tuna ‍and pilchards serve as effective bait for ‍copper ‍sharks. Techniques such as live bait fishing,⁣ trolling ‌and bottom fishing are commonly ⁢used. Night is usually the best time for fishing as that is when copper sharks are most active.

Identification ⁣Guide

Copper sharks are known for their unique bronze or copper ⁣colour (hence the⁢ name). They have a slim, streamlined shape and distinctive long, pointed snout. They ‌also possess ⁣a notable​ inter-dorsal ridge.


Copper shark meat​ is often considered a delicacy. When cooked properly, it ⁢offers a mild, ‍sweet flavor with a ⁣dense ‍texture. Nutritional content includes high levels of protein and selenium.

Additional Information

Copper sharks are known for their‌ predatory behavior. Their diet mainly consists of bony fishes and cephalopods. The​ species is also known‌ to ⁣have aggressive mating rituals. ‍The two biggest threats ‌they⁤ face ​include ​overfishing⁢ and loss⁤ of habitat.

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