The⁤ Dogfish,⁤ more‌ scientifically known ​as Squalus acanthias, belongs to the Squalidae family.

Conservation Status

Currently,⁣ the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has tagged‌ the Dogfish as a species of ‘Least Concern’. Conservation efforts are ongoing to ensure this status doesn’t degrade further.


Stat Average Range
Length 100cm 75-130cm
Weight 9kg 7-12kg
Average Lifespan 25 years N/A



The Dogfish is found across the globe in ⁢regions such as North Atlantic, Pacific, Southern Chile, Black Sea, etc.

Migration Patterns

Dogfish are ​known​ to migrate closer to the shore during the summer months. In ⁢winter, ​they return ‌to⁤ deeper‌ waters.


They​ are found in temperate, subarctic‍ waters. Often, Dogfish are found at depth ranges of 5-1450 meters. They prefer water temperatures between 7 to 15 °C.

When and ‌Where to See

During⁣ the warm ⁤summer months, ⁢Dogfish move closer to​ the​ shore. They ⁣are typically ⁤found near ‌the ‍sea​ bottom during daylight hours and near the surface at night.

Best Fishing Locations

Some renowned ⁢Dogfish ‍fishing locations include:

  • Massachusetts Bay, USA
  • Port of Galveston, ⁤Texas
  • Columbia river,⁤ Oregon
  • North ⁣Sea, Europe
  • Capbreton Canyon, France
  • ​…

You can ‍locate Dogfish‍ by looking for spots with rocky or sandy sea floor at depths over ‍30 meters.

How to Catch

Dogfish are caught using various methods including bottom longlining, ‌trawling, and gillnetting. Natural baits like squid and mackerel are effective. Fishing ‌is most successful at night or ‍early morning.

Identification Guide

Dogfish ‍are characterized by‍ their gray to brown color, white stomach, and spiny dorsal fins. They also have a characteristic⁣ long, slim body.


Dogfish is often used in British fish and chips. The taste is mild with a slight​ sweetness. Nutritionally, it ⁢provides rich protein and omega-3 fatty ‍acids. You can pan-fry, grill, or ⁤steam it. Try recipes like ‘Dogfish‍ Tacos’ or ‘Grilled Dogfish with Lemon Herb Butter’.

Additional Information

The⁤ Dogfish has few natural predators like larger sharks and seals. The​ fishing⁣ industry poses the biggest threat. ​They feed on smaller fish and invertebrates. Dogfish have‍ a ‍gestation period ​of 18-24 months, one of​ the longest in the shark world.

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