Dusky Smooth-Hound


The Dusky Smooth-Hound (Mustelus​ canis) ⁢is a marine species belonging to the family Triakidae. This ‌fascinating creature is often identified by its long slender body and its⁤ striking gray-brown color that can sometimes appear almost black.

Conservation Status

The Dusky Smooth-Hound is currently listed as “Least Concern” on the International ⁣Union ‍for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. This is primarily due⁤ to the wide distribution of the specie and ⁢its relatively robust population levels. ‌However, efforts are‍ still made ‌to‍ manage and monitor fishing activities to prevent significant population decline, especially in areas where the species is heavily fished.


Aspect Average Range
Length 100 cm 60 – 150 cm
Weight 4.5 kg 1.5 – 9.1 kg
Lifespan 16 years N/A


The Dusky Smooth-Hound has a wide distribution. It can be found ‍in the Atlantic Ocean, ‌along the shores of the ⁢United States, from ⁣Massachusetts to Florida, as well as in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. Migration patterns⁤ of this species often align with changing water temperatures, often migrating to cooler or warmer waters depending on the ‍season.


Favoring bays and coastal waters, the Dusky Smooth-Hound resides primarily in ⁣saltwater or ​brackish environments. Their typical depth range is⁣ between 1 to 20 meters, often preferring warmer ⁤water temperatures⁢ between 16 and 24 degrees Celsius.

When and Where to See

The Dusky Smooth-Hound ​can typically be seen between spring⁤ to early fall, often most⁤ active⁢ during‍ night​ time. Their migration pattern often has them present ⁢in colder waters during the warmer months and ⁣warmer waters during‌ colder months.

Best Fishing Locations

  1. Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, United‌ States
  2. Outer Banks, North‍ Carolina, United States
  3. Long ​Island, New York, United States
  4. ‍ Delaware Bay, Delaware, United States
  5. Gulf⁤ of Mexico, United States
  6. Florida Keys, Florida, United⁣ States

General Tips:

If ​specific locations are not known, the best ⁢way to find the Dusky Smooth-Hound is by focusing on⁢ warmer​ coastal areas with sandy or muddy bottoms especially during cooler months.

How to Catch

Typically,‍ live⁤ or cut ​bait such‍ as squid or shrimp are the preferred bait for‌ this species. Fishing techniques include bottom fishing. The best time to fish for the Dusky Smooth-Hound are during periods of ⁤high tide, with night​ time proved to be the most successful time.

Identification Guide

The⁢ Dusky Smooth-Hound is often identified by its elongated and‍ slender body, its dorsal fins and a uniformly grey-brown color that sometimes can appear ⁤black. It⁢ differs from other species by having a second dorsal fin about half the size of the first.


The Dusky Smooth-Hound is‍ often enjoyed⁤ blackened or grilled. It has a delicate, flaky texture ‍with a slightly⁢ sweet flavor. Nutritional information specifies it as a good source of ⁤protein with low fat.

Additional Information

The Dusky Smooth-Hound feeds primarily on crustaceans, ⁢small fish and invertebrates. The main threats to this species come from overfishing and habitat degradation. They do not carry any particular cultural or historical significance.

References and Further Reading

To learn more about the Dusky Smooth-Hound, check resources like the IUCN Red List or​ fishbase.org. Field guides specific to fishing or marine⁤ life of the regions ⁣in which they inhabit such as ‘Field ⁢Guide to Sea Fish of Britain and⁢ North Europe’ can also provide‌ useful information.