Gag Grouper


The Gag ⁤Grouper (Mycteroperca microlepis) is a popular fish species from the Serranidae family. Known for its distinct black body and wrinkled‌ appearance, this species is a favorite catch among recreational and commercial ​fishers.

Conservation Status

The Gag Grouper ⁢is currently classified as “Least Concern” on the IUCN Red List. Local and international ‌conservation efforts‍ have helped maintain a stable population, through limiting catch ⁢and preserving spawning areas.


Here is a comprehensive table showing key ⁢statistics about the Gag Grouper:

Characteristic Average Range
Length 30 inches 10-58 inches
Weight 22 pounds 1-80‌ pounds
Lifespan 16 years Up to 30 years


The Gag Grouper can be found across the eastern US coastline from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico. They have no ⁣specific migration patterns and are sedentary fish,​ moving within their home ranges.


These species live in‌ saltwater environments, typically at depths of⁢ 100-200 feet. They prefer warmer ‌temperatures between 77-80°F.

When and Where to See

The Gag Grouper is more active during the warmer months of the year ‍due to spawning. ⁢They ​are diurnal creatures, ‍meaning they are‌ most active ​during ‌the day.

Best Fishing Locations

Here are the ​top fishing spots‍ to catch a Gag ⁢Grouper:

  1. Florida Keys, ⁣Florida
  2. Gulf of Mexico, ‍Texas
  3. South Atlantic Bight, Georgia
  4. West Florida Shelf, Florida

How to Catch

Gag Groupers typically bite ​at live or frozen ⁣fish and cut baits. Methods like bottom fishing and trolling are effective. ‍Many fishermen recommend fishing in late spring to ​early summer when ‍Gag ​Groupers spawn.

Identification Guide

Gag Groupers ⁣have a long body, ‌slightly compressed, with a fin pattern that separates them from other Groupers. They ​have distinctive worm-like markings on their bodies.


Gag Grouper is a white-meat fish with a mild flavor, leading​ to versatility in cooking. It can be ‍grilled, pan-fried, or baked. Nutritional stats indicate it ⁢is a great source of⁣ protein, Vitamin ⁤D, ‌and​ Omega-3 fatty acids.

Additional Information

Gag ⁣Groupers are‍ solitary and territorial. A ‍male may have a harem of up to 20 females. They face threats from overfishing and habitat destruction but have no⁤ known natural predators due to their size.

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