Grey Triggerfish


The Grey Triggerfish, also known as Balistes capriscus, belongs to the Balistidae family. This species of fish is known for its rectangular body and⁢ round snout, sporting shades of grey to olive green.

Conservation Status

As per conservation status, the Grey Triggerfish is⁢ listed as ‘Least Concern’ by the International ‌Union for Conservation ‍of Nature (IUCN). These fish have been categorized⁤ under ⁢this⁣ status⁣ due to ‌their wide ⁢distribution and abundance in various fishery resources. However, some regions‍ with heavy fishing activities have witnessed a⁢ decrease in their population.


Statistic Average Range
Length 14 inches 12-18 inches
Weight 3 pounds 1-6 pounds
Average Lifespan 10 years N/A


The Grey Triggerfish inhabits ⁣a broad range of regions across the globe. Commonly, they can be found along the east and ⁣west coasts‍ of the Atlantic ‍Ocean, from Massachusetts‍ to Argentina, including ⁤the Gulf of Mexico and⁢ the Caribbean Sea.


This species typically resides in saltwater habitats and can⁣ be found at depths ranging from 10 to 55 meters. They are known to prefer⁣ water temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

When and Where to See

Grey Triggerfish have a seasonal migration pattern and are usually ⁢spotted during late spring and summer in certain regions. They are more active during the day, making this the opportune time for sightings.

Best Fishing Locations

1. Florida Keys, USA
2. The Gulf of Mexico, USA
3. ‍West Indies
4. Madeira, Portugal
5. Canary Islands, ​Spain
6. Azores, Portugal
7. Cape Verde, West Africa
8. Rio Grande ‍do Norte, Brazil
9. Nova⁣ Scotia, Canada
10. Bermuda

To find Grey ⁢Triggerfish, look for reefs, shipwrecks, ⁣and areas with plenty⁢ of cover, ‌as these fish prefer complex⁢ structures in the water.

How to Catch

Grey Triggerfish are usually caught using cut bait such‌ as squid or small fish. Anglers often use techniques such ⁤as drift fishing or bottom fishing,⁣ and best catch results are reported during ‍daylight hours, particularly in the late morning⁣ and early afternoon.

Identification Guide

The Grey‌ Triggerfish features a large oval-shaped ⁢body with a small mouth and strong jaws. This fish is typically grey or ⁢olive green with darker, wavy lines on its upper body. The presence of two dorsal spines helps distinguish the Grey Triggerfish from other similar species.


Grey Triggerfish is a popular ‍fish choice in many cuisines due to its mild and slightly sweet taste. Generally, it is recommended to grill or bake ‍the fish with simple ingredients such as lemon, butter, and herbs to let the fish’s flavor shine.⁢ In terms of nutritional information, it is low in fat and high in protein, making it a healthy choice.

Additional Information

Grey ⁣Triggerfish ​are omnivorous, feeding mainly on small invertebrates like crabs, clams, and sea urchins. They have a unique mating ritual where the female⁣ digs​ a nest in the ⁢sand for her eggs and guards them aggressively. Major predators ⁣include⁢ bigger fish, sharks, and humans.

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Please be sure to check official regulations and catch limits in your area before fishing for Grey Triggerfish