Grunter (Javelin)


The Javelin, also commonly known as the Grunter, is a sought-after sport⁤ and ⁢table fish that belongs to the family Percichthyidae.

Conservation ‍Status

The Grunter‌ is not currently⁢ listed as a threatened species. As sport and table fish, they are largely subject to recreational fishing restrictions to help ensure the sustainability‌ of their population. Due to⁤ this, there are size ‌limits, bag limits, and⁤ seasonal closure periods in‍ place in several of‍ their habitats.


Statistic Average Range
Length 50cm 30-80cm
Weight 4kg 2-6kg
Average ‍Lifespan 5 years


These species are edged ​across the coastal and inland waters of the tropical ⁣and subtropical regions ‍of the Pacific and⁤ Indian oceans. They tend to‌ migrate‍ in ‌response to⁤ annual ⁢flooding events and temperature fluctuations.


Grunters can be found in a variety of water⁢ types, including brackish and freshwater. They‍ have a depth range of 0-20m and are generally more abundant in ⁢warmer waters with a temperature range of‌ 18-28°C.

When​ and​ Where to‌ See

Grunter fish are more‍ active during their spawning season ‌which typically ​occurs in the spring and summer. They are​ most active at dusk ​and dawn.

Best Fishing‌ Locations

  • Barwon River, Australia
  • Goulburn River, Australia
  • Narmada River, India
  • Godavari River, India
  • Krishna River, ⁣India
  • Brahmaputra River, India
  • Mega-Chad Basin, Africa
  • Lake Volta, Ghana
  • Lake Nyasa, Malawi and Tanzania
  • Congo River, Democratic Republic of the Congo

In general, bays with shallow waters, muddy bottoms, and abundance of ‍vegetation ‌are promising Grunter fishing grounds. They are also‍ likely to be found in sheltered areas near underwater structures such ⁢as ⁢log snags and rocks.

How to Catch

Javelin grunters are ‌opportunistic feeders and are⁤ known to respond positively to⁣ both bait and lures including small fish, worms,⁢ and crustaceans. Popular fishing techniques include bottom fishing and drift fishing. Dusk and dawn ‌are considered the best times to fish for Grunters, especially during spring and summer.

Identification Guide

Javelin fish have ⁣an elongated and ​slightly compressed⁣ body that is usually grey or silver in⁤ color. They‌ are known⁤ for​ their distinctive high-pitched grunting sound, which they produce‍ using their swim bladder and pectoral muscles.


Grunter’s firm, sweet flesh is appreciated in ⁢a variety of​ cuisines. It ⁤can be⁢ grilled, fried, barbecued, or used in soups and ⁤stews. Grunter is a low-fat, high-protein food source, packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.

Additional Information

Grunter fish ⁤are typically solitary but can form large aggregations for spawning. They are prey for larger fish and birds, while habitat loss and‌ overfishing are their primary human-induced threats. The Grunter holds cultural significance⁤ in ⁣many indigenous communities ​and is also featured in several folklores⁢ and myths.

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