The Lookdown (Selene vomer) is an⁣ intriguing species of fish that belongs to the Carangidae family.

Conservation Status

Currently, the Lookdown is classified‍ by the ⁢International Union ⁣for Conservation ‌of ⁢Nature (IUCN) as a ‌species⁤ of Least Concern, thus not being⁤ directly imperiled by human activities.⁣ However, the potential impact⁤ of‍ constant fishing pressures and habitat degradation raise concerns about its future conservation status.


Parameter Average Range
Length 30 cm 9 ‍- 44 cm
Weight Not specified Not specified
Average lifespan 10 – 12 years Not ⁢specified


The Lookdown⁣ fish can be found in Western Atlantic: Nova Scotia, Canada⁤ and Maine, USA south to ‍Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico and‍ the Caribbean.

Migration ⁤Patterns

Seasonal migration is noticed in this species, usually heading to ‌warmer waters‍ during colder months.


  • Water type: Saltwater, Brackish water
  • Depth range: 1 – 75 m
  • Temperature range: 20 ⁣- 28°C (68 – 82°F)

When and Where ⁢to See

The Lookdown fish is often seen in⁤ warmer months from early spring to late summer. Although it can be ⁣sighted anytime during daylight,‌ dusk⁣ or dawn offer the best opportunity.

Best Fishing Locations

The top ​fishing locations for Lookdown include ‌coastal waters along the East‌ Coast of‍ the United States, particularly in Florida, the Mexican⁤ Gulf, and regions of South America like Uruguay.

General Tips

They typically inhabit sandy or⁤ muddy bottoms so these‍ areas can ‌be targeted when fishing for Lookdown.

How to Catch

Preferred bait or lures

Unfortunately, these silver translucent​ fish are ​also predators. They are attracted to tiny fish, ⁣crustaceans, or bait squid.

Fishing‍ Techniques

Bottom fishing near⁢ reefs or wrecks is ‍often used to​ catch Lookdown. They can also be hooked while trolling or ‌fly ‌fishing.

Identification Guide

Physical Characteristics

The​ Lookdown fish is easily identifiable‍ by‍ their diamond-shaped bodies, silver translucent color, small mouth, long⁤ anal fin, and a special dorsal fin.

Culinary Corner

Though not typically considered ‍a food fish, the Lookdown ‌provides a flaky, soft and delicately flavored flesh.

Additional ​Information

The Lookdown fishes make⁤ use of their⁤ thin bodies to​ hide within schools, appearing‌ larger and confusing predators. Natural predators include larger fish like the Barracuda.

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