Northern Pikeminnow


The Northern Pikeminnow, known scientifically ​as ⁢Ptychocheilus oregonensis, belongs to the Cyprinidae family. This⁣ species of fish is known​ for their distinctive elongate and torpedo-like⁤ shape.

Conservation Status

The​ Northern Pikeminnow‌ is currently listed as a ⁢’Least Concern’⁤ species by⁢ organizations handling fish and wildlife conservation. Conservation efforts generally focus⁤ on maintaining ​the cleanliness of their⁤ habitat to ensure their continued ‌survival.


A​ table showing key details about the Northern Pikeminnow:

Average Length 30-60cm
Length Range 15-75cm
Average Weight 0.5-2.5kg
Weight Range 0.2-4kg
Average Lifespan 8 years


The Northern Pikeminnow ⁤is native to regions of North America, particularly the Pacific slope ‍from ​Nass River, British‍ Columbia to‌ Mexico.⁣ They do not typically engage in long-distance migration, but may ⁢move locally⁣ to⁤ access‍ spawning areas.


Northern Pikeminnows are generally ⁣found in freshwaters including rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. They can survive over⁤ a ‌wide range of depths but ‍are usually found in mid-river⁤ areas where water velocity is moderate. The temperature range for⁤ Northern Pikeminnow can‌ vary from 10 to⁣ 24 degrees Celsius.

When and Where to See

Adult Northern Pikeminnows are ‌typically ‍active at night. During ​the day,⁣ they prefer to stay near ⁣areas of cover such⁤ as submerged logs or⁤ vegetation.

Best Fishing Locations

  • Columbia⁢ River, USA
  • Willamette River,​ USA
  • Snake River, USA

If specific locations are⁢ unknown, they’re often ⁤found⁣ near the bottom of large rivers, in areas‌ with ‌heavy‌ vegetation.

How to Catch

Fishermen often use small bait fish to catch Northern Pikeminnow.⁢ Techniques such as float fishing and bottom bouncing are known to be effective. ​Nighttime is usually the best time⁢ for fishing.

Identification ⁤Guide

Northern⁣ Pikeminnows ​are generally plain⁢ and uniform in‌ color, varying⁣ from⁢ greenish to brownish. Juvenile fish often exhibit⁣ darker coloration.


Northern Pikeminnow⁤ is a ⁢bony ⁣fish ⁤with a mild flavor. It‍ is typically prepared by⁣ either grilling or baking. It is also ⁢sometimes ⁤used in fish stews.

Additional Information

Northern Pikeminnows are omnivores, feeding on a ⁢variety of food ‌including insects, crayfish, and ⁣other smaller fish. Predators of Northern Pikeminnow include larger​ fish species.

References and Further‌ Reading