Perch (Golden)


– Species Name: Golden Perch (Macquaria ambigua)
– Family Name: Percichthyidae

Conservation Status

– Current Status: Not Classified. Golden perch are not considered threatened at the national level.
– Conservation Efforts: Presently, the focus ‍of⁣ conservation efforts is mainly on preserving their habitat from the adverse effects of development and environmental changes.


LengthAverage: 30-50 cmRange:⁣ 15-75 cm
WeightAverage: ‌2-13 kgRange:⁣ 1-23 kg
Average LifespanApproximately 26 years


– Regions/Countries: Primarily found in Australia’s Murray-Darling river system
– Migration Patterns: Mostly sedentary with limited migration


– Water Type: Freshwater
– Depth ​Range: Commonly found at depths of 3-10 metres
– Temperature Range: Tolerant of water temperatures between 4 – 37°C

When and ⁣Where to See

– Seasonal Patterns: More active during the warmer months from October to April
– Time of Day: Primarily dusk and ‍dawn, as they are‌ most active feeders during these‌ times.

Best⁤ Fishing Locations

– Specific Locations: Murray River, Lake Eildon, Lake Hume, Goulburn River in Victoria, Australia
– General Tips:⁢ Look for areas with cover such as submerged logs, vegetation, or⁣ undercut banks as Golden Perch are known to take shelter here

How to Catch

– Preferred ‍Bait or Lures: Yabbies, worms, small⁤ fish, and ‌various types of lures are effective
– Fishing Techniques: Casting, trolling⁤ and ⁣bottom fishing techniques all ‌work well
– Best Time of Day or Season: Dusk and dawn during the warmer months are optimal for catching Golden Perch

Identification Guide

– Physical Characteristics: Golden yellow to dark greenish-brown body with small dark spots, a ⁤rounded and slightly forked tail, and‌ large mouth with a small protruding lower jaw.
-⁢ Comparison with Similar ⁣Species: Compared to the silver ‍perch,‌ another common Australian species, the golden⁣ perch has a larger‍ mouth and a ⁤more robust‍ body.


– How to Cook: Delicious when grilled, smoked, or ⁣baked
– Taste Profile: Tender with a mild, sweet flavor
– ⁢Nutritional Information: High in protein and ⁤omega-3 fatty acids
– Recipes: Popular dishes⁢ include Grilled Golden Perch‌ with‌ Lemon and Herb Butter and Golden Perch Fish‌ Tacos

Additional Information

– Behavior: Golden Perch ‌are carnivorous, primarily feeding on yabbies, shrimp, and ‍smaller fish.
– ‍Predators and Threats: Cormorants and humans are their most significant predators.
– Cultural/ Historical Significance: Indigenous Australians traditionally fished for Golden ⁢Perch. Today, the Golden⁤ Perch is appreciated as a popular sport fish in Australia.

References and Further Reading

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Remember, always strive⁤ for‍ sustainable fishing practices to conserve these ​marvelous species⁤ for future generations