Redtail Surfperch


Redtail Surfperch,⁢ scientific name Amphistichus rhodoterus, belongs to the family Embiotocidae, also known as Surfperches. This ⁢intriguing species is a native of the Northern Pacific​ and is famous⁣ in the angling community for its taste ⁤and fighting skills.

Conservation ‍Status

The Redtail Surfperch’s conservation status is relatively secure⁤ with ‍no immediate major threats, however, increasing marine activity⁢ and pollution can have potential negative ‍impacts. ‌Conservation efforts are continually conducted to ‌preserve their natural habitats and ‌monitor their populations.


Average Range
Length 15 inches 10 ‍- 18 inches
Weight 1.5 pounds 1 – 3 pounds
Average Lifespan 9 ​years


Redtail Surfperch are mostly found in ‍the Eastern ​Pacific. They are known to inhabit ​waters from Alaska, USA, all ⁤the way down to Baja​ California, Mexico. Migration patterns for this species are primarily coastal and localised.


Water Type Marine, Brackish
Depth Range 0 – 30 feet
Temperature Range 50 – 65°F (10 – 18°C)

When and Where to See

Redtail Surfperch can be seen year-round during ‍the ​day, primarily in shallow waters. The ‍highest success of viewing or catching them typically occurs during the summer months in their natural habitats.

Best Fishing Locations

The top fishing ‍locations ‍for⁢ Redtail Surfperch are primarily along ​coastal areas of ‍North America. These ‍include:

1. Pacific City, Oregon, USA
2. ⁣Carmel ⁣River State Beach, California,‍ USA
3. Yaquina Bay, Oregon,⁤ USA
4. D River, ⁤Oregon, USA
5. Cape Disappointment, ‌Washington,⁢ USA
6. Klamath‍ River, California, USA

As ‌a general tip for finding the species, look for them in areas with sandy or rocky bottoms, especially⁢ where there are strong tidal currents and surf zones.

How ‌to Catch

Preferred baits for Redtail Surfperch are shrimp, squid,‍ and sand crabs. ⁤Anglers fishing for them often use ‌techniques such as⁣ bottom ​fishing or surf fishing, and the best time to catch them is during high tide and summer months.

Identification ⁢Guide

Redtail Surfperch have a bulky, compressed body with⁣ a forked tail. They exhibit a⁢ silvery color with bright‌ red or ⁢orange on the tail fin. The mouth is ⁤small and slanted upward, with ⁣scales extending onto the dorsal fin.

Culinary Information

Redtail Surfperch is a admirable table fish with⁢ a sweet, delicate ‍flavor and a firm, springy texture. It’s ideal for grilling, baking, and frying. They ⁣are low in fat and high in protein, making them a notable addition to any healthy⁣ diet.

Additional Information

Redtail Surfperch feed primarily on shrimp, small crabs, and marine worms.‌ They ⁢spawn from February to September, with the females producing up to 35 eggs at‌ a time. Their main threats come from predatory birds and larger fish species like lingcod and ‌halibut.

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