Roughscale Sole


The Roughscale Sole (Clidoderma asperrimum) is a species of fish belonging to the family Pleuronectidae.​ This is a ‍family of righteye flounders with a fascinating inclination. These marine fishes have⁣ both eyes on ‍the right side of their body, an adaptation developed due to their preference for living on sandy or muddy sea bottoms.

Conservation Status

The Roughscale Sole is currently listed as a species of least concern on the International ‌Union for Conservation of Nature​ (IUCN). Despite their wide distribution, there are no specific conservation efforts being undertaken⁤ since the species ⁤is not considered to be ‌under significant threat.


Parameter Average Range
Length 30 cm 10-40 cm
Weight 0.5 kg 0.3-0.7 kg
Average Lifespan 5 years N/A
Other⁣ Stats N/A N/A


The Roughscale ​Sole is found ‌primarily‍ in the North⁤ Pacific, ​ranging from the coasts of Japan, China, and Korea. As a sea-bottom dwelling ⁣species, they do not appear to have significant migration patterns.


These soles prefer living in the sandy or muddy bottoms of the⁣ ocean floor. They‍ can be found at depth ranges of 20-350 meters. The temperature range of the water ⁢that can support them is ⁣quite broad, ranging from 7 to 14°C.

When and Where to See

When it comes to the Roughscale Sole, seasonal patterns are more related to‌ their breeding season,‍ which happens ⁢in late winter and early spring. Due to their bottom-dwelling ⁣nature, time of day does not‌ significantly contribute to their visibility.

Best Fishing Locations

Roughscale Sole fishes are primarily found at the following locations:

  1. East China Sea
  2. Sea of Japan
  3. Yellow Sea
  4. Korean Strait

How to Catch

The best bait for catching Roughscale Sole‌ includes small fish, squid, or worms. ​Bottom fishing techniques are typically⁣ utilized to land this species as they inhabit the sea floors. There does not appear to be an optimal time of day or season for fishing, but some suggest that the periods around their breeding season may yield more successes.

Identification Guide

The Roughscale⁣ Sole has a body that is almost round in shape. It is dark brown in color, often ⁤with light brown or⁣ blue spots interspersed. A unique physical attribute‌ is the ⁢rough scales that cover its body, giving it‍ its name.


Roughscale Sole has a delicate, sweet flavor and a thin, flaky texture. It is commonly prepared grilled, poached, steamed, or pan-fried, often with light seasoning to​ let the fish’s natural flavors⁤ stand out. It is a good source of protein ⁤and contains Omega-3 fatty acids.

Additional Information

Feeding habits primarily consist of eating ⁤crustaceans and small fishes. They escape predators by partial burying themselves in the sand⁤ or mud. There is not much information about its cultural or historical significance.

References and Further Reading