Shark (Blue)


The Blue Shark, scientifically known as Prionace glauca, is⁤ a species​ of requiem shark from the family Carcharhinidae.

Conservation Status

Currently, the Blue Shark is labeled as Near Threatened ⁤by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Efforts are being undertaken globally to ‍conserve‍ these species such⁣ as catch limits and sustainable fishing⁢ practices.


Stats Average Range
Length 2.4 meters 2.2-3.8 meters
Weight 60 kg 30-160 kg
Lifespan 20 years


Blue Sharks⁣ are found globally in deep waters of tropical,⁢ temperate, and cold seas. ‍Their migration‌ patterns are related to water temperature and food sources.


These sharks prefer cooler water with a ‍temperature range of 7-16°C and are generally found‍ in depths of up to ⁢350 m.

When and Where to See

Blue Sharks⁣ are generally more active in the day and can be seen in warmer seasons ⁤of the year.

Best‍ Fishing Locations

Specific Locations

  • New‍ England, USA
  • California, USA
  • Baja Peninsula, Mexico
  • South ⁤Africa
  • Australia

Finding Blue Sharks

These sharks ​are mainly found in ‍offshore⁣ waters and often come‌ close to the surface in colder water.

How ⁣to Catch

Blue Sharks⁣ are ⁤often ‌caught using‍ bait like mackerel ⁣or squid​ and fishing techniques such as drift fishing.

Identification Guide

Blue Sharks have a slender body, ​long⁤ pectoral ⁣fins, and are ⁤deep-blue in color lighter towards the sides and white underneath.


This species is edible but not frequently used for consumption.

Additional‍ Information


Blue Sharks are‌ highly migratory and ⁢travel long distances in⁢ search of food.

Predators and Threats

Natural predators of​ Blue Sharks include⁢ larger sharks and​ killer whales whereas human-induced⁤ threats include ⁣fishing and​ habitat loss.

Cultural/ Historical Significance

Blue Sharks ⁤do not⁣ hold any significant historical importance, but their near-threatened status leads ⁣to a global importance ⁣in their ​conservation.

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