Slender Sole


The Slender Sole, scientifically known as “Lyopsetta exilis,” is a species of flatfish⁣ in the family Pleuronectidae. Derived ​from ‘slender’ which translates to ‘narrow’ in English, and ‘sole’, ​a derived name for a ‘flat’ fish, the Slender Sole gets its name from its unique physical characteristics.

Conservation Status

Current Status

The ‌Slender Sole is currently not a subject of immense concern to conservationists and⁣ is not‌ listed under any categories‍ of threat by ​IUCN.‌ However, like other marine ‍species, the Slender⁢ Sole⁣ is subject to threats from environmental change and human activities.

Conservation efforts

While there are⁣ no targeted conservation ‌efforts for the Slender ⁤Sole, the species ⁣benefits⁤ from wider‌ marine preservation efforts.


Characteristic Average Range
Length 15 cm 10-20 cm
Weight Not specified Not specified
Average Lifespan 9 Years



Slender ⁤Sole can be ⁤found in the North Pacific, from the⁤ Gulf of Alaska to Baja California,⁣ with some concentration in the Bering ⁤Sea.

Migration ⁤Patterns

Although ‍specific migration patterns of the Slender Sole ‍are unknown, due⁢ to the seasonal nature of fishing, some ⁤form of ⁣temperature- and food-driven migration is expected.


Water Type

Slender Soles thrive‌ in​ saltwater.

Depth Range

They live on sandy or muddy ⁢sediments on the​ bottom of the ocean at depths from ​18 to 1280 m.

Temperature Range

Favoring cooler waters, they can be found at a ​temperature range from ‌3-5 °C.

When and Where to See

Seasonal patterns

While specific seasonal patterns are not well-known, commercial fishing of Slender Soles​ are most robust during the summer ⁤months, suggesting a higher level of activity at this time.

Time of Day

The Slender Sole, like many bottom-dwelling⁤ sole ⁢species, is⁤ a nocturnal feeder and hence, is likely to be most⁤ active⁣ during the night.

Best ⁢Fishing Locations

As the Slender​ Sole is predominantly found in the North Pacific, ⁢places like the ‌Gulf of Alaska and ⁤Baja California ‌have proven to ‍be prime fishing locations. Commercially, they‍ are most ‌frequently caught in the ​Bering Sea.

How to Catch

Preferred Bait or Lures

As bottom feeders, Slender Soles are likely to be attracted to baits that mimic their​ natural prey – small fish, crustaceans, and worms.

Fishing Techniques

Bottom fishing and trawling are ‍the most effective fishing techniques for this species.

Best Time of ⁣Day or Season for ​Fishing

Given ⁣the Slender Sole’s nocturnal nature, the best time to fish‌ is ⁣likely during ‍the night. Seasonally, summer ‌months have proven most fruitful.

Identification Guide

Physical ⁤Characteristics

The Slender Sole ‍is cream-colored on the bottom and gray to brown on top, with a characteristic​ slender body shape.

Comparison with Similar Species

The‍ Slender Sole is commonly ⁤mistaken ⁤for the ‍more popularly known Dover​ sole, but can⁤ be ⁤differentiated by slight variations in shape and coloring.


How ⁢to Cook

Given‌ the ⁤size of⁣ the Slender Sole, it’s often prepared whole, either pan-fried or⁣ grilled.

Taste Profile

The Slender‌ Sole yields a​ tender, mild-flavored‍ meat that’s well suited to subtle seasonings and sauces.

Nutritional Information

Like other fish species, ⁤Slender Sole is a low-fat, high-protein ⁤food⁤ source that ‍provides omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins.


Fried ​Slender Sole with lemon and parsley,‍ and Grilled Slender Sole ​with herb butter are popular preparations for this fish.

Additional Information


No specific behaviors unique to the Slender Sole ‌are ‍currently documented.

Predators and Threats

Natural ‍predators of the Slender Sole are larger fish species and​ marine mammals. The most significant human-induced threat to the Slender Sole​ is overfishing, particularly ⁤as bycatch.

Cultural/ Historical‌ Significance

While no ⁣specific cultural ​or historical significance is directly attached to the Slender Sole,⁤ the species ⁣does hold social ⁢and economic⁤ importance in​ regions where it’s extensively fished.

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