Southern Sennet


The ⁣Southern Sennet, scientifically known as ‘Sphyraena picudilla’, is a species that belongs to the⁢ family ‘Sphyraenidae’. They are a type of Barracuda, a group of predatory fish ⁣found in warmer seas around the globe.

Conservation Status

As per the world’s leading conservation ⁢organization data, the Southern Sennet is not⁤ currently considered to be under threat and‍ is listed as a species of ​’Least Concern’.


Length (Average) Length (Range) Weight (Average) Weight (Range) Average‌ Lifespan
35 cm 25-45 cm 0.5 kg 0.3-0.7 ⁣kg 10-12 years


Southern Sennets are found​ in the tropical waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean, ⁤ranging from Bermuda and ​the east coast of the USA, down to Brazil. They do not display significant migration patterns, instead favoring to stay‌ within their preferred warm⁤ water habitats.


This⁤ species is found in marine water settings, particularly‌ warm, tropical waters. They‌ dwell‌ at a depth ⁢range ⁣of 0-60 meters, and are most ⁤commonly seen in temperatures of 24-28 degrees ⁤Celsius.

When and Where to See

The best time⁢ to see ‌Southern​ Sennets‌ is during the summer months, ‍when the water temperature is ideal for them. They are active both during the day and at night, with peak activity around dawn ​and dusk.

Best Fishing Locations

  • Nassau,‍ Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Sauipe Coast,‌ Brazil
  • Florida Keys, United States
  • South Carolina, United States
  • Mexico’s Caribbean Coast
  • Key West, ⁢United States

How to Catch

As active predators, Southern Sennets are best caught using methods that mimic their natural ⁤prey,‍ such as ⁣live bait or lures. Fly fishing, trolling, and bottom fishing ‍can all prove ⁣successful. The best time to fish is in the dawn and dusk ⁣hours.

Identification Guide

Southern Sennets have elongated bodies, silvery in‍ color,⁣ with a hint of green or blue on the ‌upper body.⁣ They have ⁤sharp pointed teeth and their lower jaw ⁤protrudes significantly. They ⁤are often mistaken for other species of Barracuda.


Southern ​Sennet can​ be an excellent table fish when cooked properly. ‍The taste profile is mild, slightly sweet and the⁢ texture ⁤is firm. ‍Grilled Barracuda served with a ⁤squeeze of lemon is a popular recipe.

Additional Information

Southern Sennets are predatory fish with feeding ‍habits including smaller fish, squids, and ⁤crustaceans. Known predators of Southern Sennets‌ include larger fish ‍and dolphins. As ⁤far as human-induced threats are concerned, there are not significant threats and the species is in a stable⁢ state.

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