Spotted Weakfish


The Spotted Weakfish, also scientifically‍ recognized as Cynoscion nebulosus, comes from the Sciaenidae family. This species, commonly known as “speckled trout”, is a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts for both its fare and sport.

Conservation Status

As of this writing, the Spotted Weakfish is under the category of “Least Concern” according‍ to ‌the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ⁤Conservation efforts are continuously implemented to maintain the population of this species through ethical fishing practices and habitat preservation.


Statistic Average Range
Length 19 inches 12-32 inches
Weight 2‍ lbs 1-7 lbs
Average Lifespan 12 years N/A


Spotted Weakfish ‍can be found from the Gulf of ⁢Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean, specifically ‌in the United States and Mexico. ⁣While they are considered to have a sedentary lifestyle, minor seasonal migrations may occur depending on ⁣water temperatures and food availability.


These marine creatures enjoy brackish and saltwater environments. Typically, they prefer shallow waters‍ with an approximate depth range of 1-20 meters. They dwell⁤ in warm temperatures ranging from 50 to 77°F (10-25°C).

When and Where to See

Spotted Weakfish are accessible all year round, but they are particularly noted during the warmer months. The⁤ best time to observe these ⁤species is‌ during low-light periods such as dawn and dusk.

Best Fishing ⁤Locations

  • Caloosahatchee ⁣River, Florida
  • St. Simons Island, Georgia
  • Mississippi River​ Delta, Louisiana
  • Texas Coastal⁤ Bend
  • Destin, Florida
  • Kissimmee, Florida
  • Corpus⁣ Christi, Texas
  • Lake Charles, ⁢Louisiana
  • Neuse River, North Carolina
  • Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

How to Catch

The Spotted Weakfish gravitates towards shrimp, small fish, and crustaceans, making live baits an excellent ⁤choice. Fly fishing ⁢and bottom fishing are top-rated techniques.​ The best time ⁢for‌ fishing is during the warmer months and during dusk or dawn.

Identification Guide

The Spotted Weakfish has a silver body​ with distinct black spots. It possesses​ two dorsal ⁢fins and‍ a tapered body shape unique to this ⁣species. This fish resembles the closely related Sand Seatrout, though the latter lacks the black spots.


Spotted Weakfish has a​ mild, sweet flavor making it‍ versatile for various dishes.​ Its nutritional profile​ consists of wholesome proteins and omega-3⁤ fatty acids. Popular recipes‌ include grilled or pan-seared Spotted ‌Weakfish with herbs and citrus marinades.

Additional Information

Spotted Weakfish are‌ opportunistic feeders that mostly consume shrimps, small fish and⁢ crabs.‍ They spawn between spring and early fall. Some of their natural predators include larger fish and diving birds while overfishing and habitat degradation pose human-induced threats.

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