Jack Crevalle


The Jack Crevalle, also known as the common ​jack,​ is‍ a powerful gamefish belonging to the family ‍ Carangidae.

Conservation Status

The Jack Crevalle is ‌not⁢ under‍ any​ immediate⁣ threat and its conservation status is‍ characterized⁤ as least concern. ⁤Efforts ‍to maintain the species’ population include responsible⁣ fishing practices and regulations on ‌bag and size⁤ limits.


Average Range
Length 100 cm 50 -⁣ 125 ‌cm
Weight 10 kg 1 – 30 ‌kg
Lifespan 11 years


The Jack ⁤Crevalle ⁣is⁢ a highly migratory species, common in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Countries where⁤ these fish are prevalent include the United States (Gulf of Mexico and‌ Florida), Mexico, ⁤Costa Rica, and ⁢Brazil.


These fish are euryhaline, meaning they can live in both saltwater and freshwater environments, including ⁤estuaries ⁣and rivers. They are ‌typically found at depths ranging from the surface to 350 meters, and prefer temperatures between 20°C ⁢to 30°C.

When and Where⁢ to See

The ​jack crevalle‌ is a year-round species, but is⁣ most frequently ‌spotted‍ during the warmer months. They are typically⁤ more active during⁣ the day.

Best Fishing ‌Locations and Tips

  • Cocoa Beach, Florida, US
  • Tamarindo, Costa ⁣Rica
  • Gulf​ of Mexico
  • Rio Colorado, Costa‍ Rica
  • Tampico, Mexico

If specific locations aren’t known, look for Jack Crevalle in ocean waters‍ near the coast, especially‍ near ⁤estuaries or coastal structures like piers or buoys.

How to​ Catch

The best bait for catching Jack Crevalle includes⁢ mullet or pinfish. Techniques can ⁣vary, with live bait or lures being‌ popular choices. ⁢They can ⁢be caught⁣ throughout the day, but are especially active in the early morning and late afternoon.

Identification Guide

Jack Crevalle are ‍known for their robust bodies, yellowish ​bellies, ⁤and dark black stripes running laterally along their bodies. They are often mistaken for‍ other Carangidae species, but can be distinguished by their high ⁢and pointed dorsal​ fins and rounded ‍pectoral fins.


While not typically prized for their ⁢flavor, Jack Crevalle can be enjoyed⁣ if properly cooked. The ​meat has a strong, oily taste that pairs well ‌with assertive spices⁢ and flavors. They are high​ in protein⁢ and low ‌in ‌saturated fat. They can be baked, grilled, or pan-seared.

Additional Information

These powerful⁢ swimmers ‍hunt for prey in schools, ​chasing smaller fish to​ the ‍surface⁢ and ⁤feasting⁢ in a frenzied manner. ‌Their‍ main predators include ‍larger ⁤fish species and sharks. Historically,‍ they have been a crucial part of recreational fishing in Central America, creating a ⁣cultural significance.

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