The Tailor ⁤(Pomatomus saltatrix), also commonly ‌known‌ as Bluefish, is‌ a ‍species belonging⁣ to the family Pomatomidae. It is a favourite target⁤ among anglers ‌for its strength‌ and aggression, ⁢as well as⁣ the quality of its flesh.

Conservation ⁣Status

The Tailor is ‌currently listed as ‘Least Concern’ on⁤ the global conservation‍ scale.​ The ⁢conservation⁣ efforts⁣ for the Tailor include regulations ‌on‍ capture size and bag limits to prevent ‍overfishing.


  • Length (Average, Range): 70 cm, 40-110 cm
  • Weight (Average, Range): 2.6 kg, 1-9 ⁤kg
  • Average Lifespan: 7-9 years


Tailor fish are widespread​ throughout ⁢the tropical​ and⁣ temperate parts of the Atlantic, Indian, ‍and ⁢Pacific Oceans. While known to migrate ​for spawning purposes, ‍the exact patterns vary greatly by geographical region.


This ⁢species thrives in various⁤ water types, from brackish to marine, and can be found at⁣ a depth range of 1-100 meters. They are both pelagic and coastal fish, withstanding a temperature gradient of 10-24°C.

When and Where to See

Tailor can be spotted throughout the year, but they⁣ are ⁣more ⁣common between April and November.⁢ The optimal time of day ‌to see​ them is in the early morning ⁣or late afternoon when they ⁣come closer to the shoreline ​to feed.

Best Fishing Locations

Top Locations

  1. Ponce Inlet, Florida, United States
  2. Port Hacking, New‍ South‍ Wales,‍ Australia
  3. Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  4. Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, ⁢Brazil
  5. Auckland, New Zealand

General Tips

Look for areas where there is a ⁣strong current⁢ and⁢ turbulent‌ water, such as inlets or channels. Early morning and late afternoon, when the ‌sun is low, ⁢are the best times for Tailor fishing.

How to Catch

Tailor fish ⁣are aggressive feeders and ‌respond well ‍to a variety of baits, including pilchards, squid, and prawns. Lure ‌fishing and⁢ fly fishing are also effective methods, with the early morning and late ‌afternoon⁤ being ​the prime times​ for catching Tailor.

Identification Guide

Tailor fish are ⁤recognized⁢ by their strong, elongated body, blue or greenish-blue color on the‍ back‌ and sides, and a‌ silver belly. They⁤ have a single dorsal fin and sharp teeth.

Culinary Use

How to ‌Cook

Tailor fish can be grilled, baked, smoked, or fried, but they are ‍best eaten fresh due to ​their high oil content. Preparations include marinating in citrus and herbs before grilling, or baking whole with a stuffing ‍of aromatic​ herbs ‍and spices.

Nutritional ⁣Information

Tailor is low in calories, high in protein,​ and ⁢rich in⁤ omega-3‍ fatty‍ acids, making it a healthy choice. A 85g serving of Tailor provides around 80 calories, 12g of protein, and 235mg of omega-3⁤ fatty acids.

Additional⁤ Information


Tailor are aggressive ​predators, with‍ a diverse diet⁣ consisting of various fish species, squids, and​ shellfish. They‌ are fast swimmers⁢ and exhibit​ schooling behaviour.

References and Further‍ Reading