Top Burnsville Lake Fishing Spots in West Virginia

‍ Experience⁣ the⁤ joy ⁢of angling in‍ the serene⁣ surroundings of‍ West Virginia as ⁢we guide you through the top Burnsville Lake ⁣fishing spots. Known for ​its spectacular landscape and abundant fish, ⁣Burnsville Lake has emerged as a favorite destination for fishing‍ enthusiasts across the⁤ country. From amateurs who ‌have just​ started their⁤ journey into the ​world​ of ‍fishing‌ to‌ seasoned pros looking ⁤for their next big ​catch, Burnsville​ Lake offers ⁤a unique ​and‍ rewarding experience for all. ⁢Read on to discover the best spots that not only promise a good catch, but also a tranquil getaway⁤ amidst nature’s bounty.

Burnsville Lake ‍- An Overview

Geography and Accessibility to Burnsville Lake

Located in the heart‍ of West Virginia, Burnsville Lake is a​ picturesque ‌reservoir covering an expansive 1,900 acres. ‍Enclosed⁣ by ⁤verdant hills and dense forests, the lake was ⁢created by ​a dam on⁤ the Little Kanawha River, a ⁣major tributary to the⁢ Ohio River. Boasting ​several accessible routes, the ​lake is a short drive from⁢ Interstate 79, with the town of​ Burnsville acting‌ as a ‍convenient gateway.

Burnsville Lake is a public lake, managed by ‍the U.S. ⁤Army Corps‍ of Engineers, making it an accessible and popular choice among locals and tourists alike. The lake‌ is open year-round ⁣and offers ​a variety of amenities‍ such as boat ramps, picnic areas, campgrounds, and parking ‍facilities, making it a convenient destination for all ‌fishing enthusiasts.

Species of Fish ⁤in Burnsville Lake

Burnsville​ Lake is⁤ teeming ​with a⁢ diverse array of fish species. This ‍variety provides an exciting challenge‌ for anglers of all skill levels.​ The lake is home to‌ Largemouth Bass (, Smallmouth Bass,⁢ Crappie, Bluegill, and ‌Channel Catfish, ⁤among ​others. The lake has been⁣ well ​stocked ⁤over the ⁢years, ensuring a thriving ⁣and​ diverse aquatic ecosystem.

Popular Fishing Spots in Burnsville⁤ Lake

Bulltown Historic ⁣Area

The Bulltown Historic Area, situated at the northern‍ end of the lake, is an⁤ excellent fishing spot. The area’s⁤ rich‍ history ‍and scenic views add to its charm, making it a favored location among⁢ anglers. ⁣Here,​ the ⁣water depth varies, creating diverse habitats for different‌ fish species, increasing your chances of​ a successful catch.

Burnsville Lake ‍Boat ⁢Ramp

The Burnsville Lake Boat Ramp is​ a popular launching point for those looking to fish from the⁤ water. ⁤The ramp is⁣ easily accessible and⁤ well-maintained, providing a smooth start to your fishing⁤ adventure.​ Fishing‍ near the boat ⁤ramp often yields impressive catches​ of Bass and Bluegill.

Riffle Run Campground ⁢& Picnic Area

Located on the eastern ‍shore ​of the lake,⁣ the Riffle Run Campground & Picnic⁢ Area offers‌ superb shore fishing ⁣opportunities. ⁢With plenty of shaded ‍spots ‍and⁢ tranquil⁢ settings, ⁣this area is perfect for a relaxed ‍fishing ​outing. The waters here‌ are ‍teeming with Crappie and Catfish, making it‌ a hotspot for anglers.

Burnsville Lake Tailwaters

The​ tailwaters of Burnsville Lake, just below the ⁢dam, ⁢provide an excellent fishing ⁣spot, ​particularly during the colder months when the water‍ temperature is lower.⁢ Fish such as Smallmouth​ Bass and⁢ Bluegill congregate here, offering high​ chances of a successful catch.

Tips⁢ for Fishing in Burnsville Lake

Best Time to Fish in Burnsville Lake

While ‍Burnsville⁢ Lake⁢ is open​ for fishing all year round,⁤ the best time to fish largely depends on the species you’re targeting. Spring and fall are generally the ‍most productive times for ⁣Bass, while Crappie and ⁤Bluegill are usually more active during the⁣ summer months.

Recommended Fishing Techniques ⁢for‍ Burnsville Lake

Given the variety of​ fish ⁢species in Burnsville⁤ Lake, a ‍range ‌of fishing‌ techniques can be employed. ⁣For Bass, both spinning⁣ and baitcasting techniques are⁢ effective,⁣ with live bait or ​artificial lures such ‍as jigs⁤ or ​spinnerbaits. For Crappie ‌and Bluegill, light tackle with ‍live bait ‌like worms ⁣or‍ minnows works⁢ well.

Local Bait and Tackle Shops Near⁣ Burnsville Lake

There are ⁤several local bait and ⁣tackle shops ⁣near Burnsville Lake, where you can equip yourself⁢ with all the necessary fishing gear. These include‍ Burnsville Docks ⁣&⁤ Bait, Gassaway Bait Shop, ⁢and⁢ Sutton Sporting Goods. These ‌stores also provide ​valuable local knowledge and advice about the current fishing​ conditions.

What Makes ‌Burnsville Lake a Unique Fishing ​Destination

Local Fishing Events and Competitions at​ Burnsville Lake

Burnsville Lake hosts ‍a number of fishing events⁤ and competitions throughout⁢ the year, ‌adding to its appeal as a​ fishing destination. These include the​ annual Burnsville Lake Largemouth Bass Tournament and the Burnsville Lake Crappie Derby. These events bring together ⁣anglers from all⁢ over the region, fostering‍ a sense ​of community and friendly competition.

Family-Friendly Activities‌ Near Burnsville Lake

In addition​ to fishing, Burnsville Lake offers a variety of family-friendly ⁢activities. The surrounding ⁢area⁣ boasts ⁤hiking ⁢trails, picnic areas,⁢ and campgrounds.⁣ The lake itself⁤ offers boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing⁤ opportunities, ensuring a fun-filled ​day for the‍ whole family.

Nearby Lodging and Accommodations for Fishing Trips

For those planning a fishing trip to ⁢Burnsville Lake,⁤ there are ‍numerous accommodation options nearby. These range from​ campgrounds, such as‍ the Bulltown Campground and Riffle​ Run ⁣Campground,⁢ to hotels ​and lodges in ⁢the nearby towns of ⁤Burnsville and Sutton.

Protecting Burnsville Lake’s⁤ Natural Resources

Conservation Efforts ⁣Around Burnsville Lake

Preserving the natural beauty ‌and⁤ health of Burnsville Lake is a priority for the U.S. ‌Army Corps of Engineers and the local community. Efforts ‌such as regular clean-ups, monitoring ​of ⁢fish populations, and ‍habitat‌ restoration projects ⁤are in place to ensure the ‍lake and its surrounding‌ ecosystem continue ‌to‍ thrive.

Rules and Regulations for Fishing in Burnsville ‍Lake

Like any fishing location ,​ Burnsville Lake has⁤ its⁣ own ⁤set of ⁢rules and ‍regulations that anglers must adhere to. These include:

– A ⁢valid West Virginia fishing license is‍ required for ​all anglers aged 15 and over.
– Catch and size limits apply to certain ⁢species. For example, Largemouth Bass ‌must be at least​ 12 inches long, and there is a ⁣daily limit of six per ⁣angler.
– All boats must be registered​ and display a valid boat permit.
– Fishing is only allowed from one hour before sunrise to one ⁣hour ⁣after sunset.
-⁤ The use of‍ live‌ baitfish⁤ is prohibited ⁢in⁤ some areas.
-‌ Catch⁤ and release ​is encouraged, especially⁢ for rare or endangered species.

These rules are subject⁣ to change,​ so it’s ⁣important to check the latest regulations ⁣from‍ the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources before heading out.


Whether you’re a‌ seasoned angler or a beginner looking for a relaxing pastime, Burnsville Lake offers an unforgettable⁢ fishing experience. Its diverse fish populations, scenic‍ surroundings, and excellent​ facilities‍ make it ​a⁣ must-visit destination for fishing enthusiasts. Remember to ⁤respect the lake’s natural resources ‌and adhere to ​all fishing regulations to ensure this beautiful location can be enjoyed by generations⁢ to come.

In conclusion, Burnsville Lake in West ⁤Virginia offers some of the finest fishing spots in the state. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner just getting your feet ⁣wet, this‌ locale​ provides a wide variety of ⁣fish ⁤species and stunning⁤ natural ⁤beauty‌ to enjoy. From ‌serene‌ shoreline spots to the more⁣ adventurous‌ boat-accessible areas,‌ Burnsville‌ Lake‌ is an angler’s paradise waiting to be discovered. So grab your fishing​ gear, and embark on an unforgettable fishing journey ​in ​the heart of ‍West Virginia. ‌Happy‍ fishing!

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