Top Fishing Spots in Mississippi Sound: Explore Mississippi’s Finest

Nestled between the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi mainland, the Mississippi Sound offers outstanding inshore fishing opportunities. This fertile fishery features back bays, grass flats, marshlands, bayous, and barrier islands teeming with gamefish.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down the premier fishing spots across the Mississippi Sound region. Learn where to target speckled trout, redfish, flounder, shrimp, and more in these protected waters.

From wading the flats to exploring inland bayous, the Mississippi Sound promises amazing fishing adventures. Keep reading to start planning your next trip!

Overview of Mississippi Sound

The Mississippi Sound refers to the body of water extending from Lake Borgne in Louisiana to Mobile Bay, Alabama. Key features include:

  • Shallow, brackish water with an average depth of 10 feet
  • Grass flats, oyster reefs, and abundant marshlands
  • Sheltered from the Gulf by barrier islands
  • Receives freshwater inflows from mainland rivers like the Pearl
  • Prime habitat for speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and other inshore species

This rich estuary sees excellent year-round fishing, although late spring through fall offers the most consistent action when fish are spawning and feeding. Both wading and boating provide access to fishing grounds across the region.

Next, let’s look at top targets and tactics in more detail.

Primary Target Species in the Mississippi Sound

The Mississippi Sound harbors excellent populations of favorite inshore gamefish:

Speckled Trout – Aggressive feeders on shrimp and baitfish. Provide great light tackle sport.

Redfish – A strong fighter sought after for its battling strength. Fun on the flats.

Flounder – Ambush predators that lay on bottom. Satisfying to catch.

Sheepshead – Distinctive bait stealers with impressive teeth. Challenge to hook.

Croaker – Bottom scavengers that hit bait readily. Great eating.

Black Drum – Powerful fighters that reach impressive sizes.

Shrimp – Abundant and excellent eating when targeted with cast nets or traps.

Blue Crab – Prolific and tasty crustaceans easily caught with baited traps.

Now let’s look at effective fishing methods:

Sight Fishing – Poling shallows to spot redfish, trout, and flounder tails and target them with lures or flies.

Artificial Lures – Worked from boats or by wading to catch feeding trout, reds, flounder on plastic swimbaits, topwater plugs, spoons, and jigs.

Live Bait – Fished on the bottom to produce sheepshead, drum, flounder, and sand trout. Crab and shrimp best baits.

Fly Fishing – Fantastic option for Mississippi Sound species on baitfish patterns, poppers, and weighted flies.

Cast Netting – To procure fresh baitfish like mullet, pinfish, menhaden for fishing. Also captures shrimp and crabs.

Crabbing – Using baited crab traps to harvest blue crabs, an incredible food source.

Next we’ll break down top spots and tips within the Mississippi Sound region.

Best Fishing Spots in the Mississippi Sound

The Mississippi Sound offers high quality fishing from the Louisiana border to the Alabama line. Here are some top spots:

The Rigolets

These narrows between Lake Pontchartrain and Mississippi Sound attract speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, and black drum to the current-swept structure.

Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, black drum

Techniques: Bottom fishing with live/dead shrimp and crabs, jigs, minnows

Access: Boat launches around Slidell, Louisiana

St. Joe Reef

This rock reef southeast of Bay St. Louis holds sheepshead, redfish, snapper, jack crevalle, and king mackerel. Easily accessed from shore.

Target Fish: Sheepshead, reds, snapper, jacks, kings

Techniques: Jigs, minnows, shrimp fished on bottom around rocks

Access: Henderson Point public ramp

Graveline Bayou

A winding inland bayou surrounded by marsh grass near Pascagoula that holds bass, bream, catfish, and crappie. Great kayak fishing destination.

Target Fish: Largemouth bass, bream, crappie, catfish

Techniques: Spinnerbaits, plastic worms for bass – crickets and worms for panfish

Access: Highway 90 roadside launch points

Grand Batture Islands

These small, undeveloped barrier islands offer pristine sight fishing for speckled trout, redfish, and flounder inside the island chain in shallow clear water.

Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, flounder

Techniques: Poling and wading shorelines, sight casting with lures or flies

Access: Launch from Biloxi or Ocean Springs south of the islands

Davis Bayou

Scenic bayou within the Gulf Islands National Seashore holding redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. Also offers kayak access to inland waters.

Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, flounder

Techniques: Fishing moving tide periods around bayou docks and grassy shorelines.

Access: Davis Bayou boat launch area off MS 603

Alabama Point and Heron Bay

Marshy, shallow flats behind the barrier islands in Mississippi and Alabama that hold huge speckled trout and bull redfish. Remote area accessed best by kayak or shallow draft boat.

Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish

Techniques: Sight fishing, soft plastics, topwaters

Access: Launch from Coden, Alabama south of the fishing grounds

Best Baits and Lures for Mississippi Sound

Always pack these proven lures and baits:

  • Artificial shrimp and shad bodies on 1/4 or 1/8 oz jigheads
  • Paddle tail soft plastics in natural baitfish colors – pink, white, chartreuse
  • Topwater floating or suspending baits like MirrOlure She Dogs, Skitterwalks, Top Dogs
  • Gold spoons and in-line spinners for speckled trout
  • Crab and shrimp imitating flies for redfish and drum
  • Circle hooks,Carolina rigs, and fish finder rigs for bottom fishing
  • Live shrimp and minnows for bottom feeders like sheepshead
  • Cast nets for catching fresh baitfish

Seasonal Fishing Forecast

Fishing is productive year-round but peaks during warmer months:

Spring – Speckled trout spawn in April/May. Redfish in shallow bays.

Early Summer – Shrimp and baitfish become abundant. Target flats and structure.

Late Summer – Fishing can be tough in heat of summer. Fish early/late, deep holes.

Fall – Excellent speckled trout and redfish action as waters cool. Fish pack on weight for winter.

Winter – Reduced activity in cold months but sheepshead, drum, and reds still present. Fish deep holes, channel edges.

April through October provides the best overall fishing, with late summer requiring adapting to avoid heat and lower oxygen levels in warm water. But don’t rule out great winter fishing for hearty anglers.

Mississippi Sound Fishing Regulations

Both Louisiana and Mississippi manage their respective portions of the Mississippi Sound fishery:

  • A state fishing license is required and out of state anglers will need a non-resident license
  • Size and creel limits exist on certain species – know regulations for fish you intend to keep
  • Redfish slot limit enforced for slot fish between 16-27 inches
  • Know which areas are open or closed seasonally to protect spawning fish
  • Gear restrictions apply – know legal tackle allowed in state waters

Regulations are available on the Types of Fishing Licenses in Louisiana and Mississippi Fishing Licenses and Freshwater Fishing comprehensive articles.

When to Visit the Mississippi Sound

The fishing seasons in the Mississippi Sound:

Spring – Speckled trout and redfish spawn March through May peaking in April. Excellent sight fishing.

Early Summer – shrimp and baitfish become abundant, kicking the food chain into overdrive.

Late Summer – Fish deep holes, structures, and channels to find fish as waters warm. Hot temps reduce dissolved oxygen.

Fall – Cooling waters trigger voracious feeding from trout, reds, and flounder into November.

Winter – Reduced activity but sheepshead, black drum, and bull reds still prowl the area through winter.

Fishing Charters on the Mississippi Sound

Guiding services offering trips in the region:

Ultimate Fishing Charters

  • Based in: Ocean Springs, MS
  • Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, flounder
  • What They Offer: Inshore fishing trips across the Mississippi Sound

Get Reel Fishing Charters

  • Based in: Biloxi, MS
  • Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, sharks, offshore species
  • What They Offer: Trips inshore or offshore out of Biloxi

Relentless Sportfishing Charters

  • Based in: Pass Christian, MS
  • Target Fish: Speckled trout, reds, flounder, sharks
  • What They Offer: Light tackle and fly fishing charters

Marshland Adventures Fishing Charters

  • Based in: Slidell, LA
  • Target Fish: Speckled trout, redfish, sheepshead, flounder
  • What They Offer: Louisiana Marsh fishing trips

Right Hook Charters

  • Based in: Orange Beach, AL
  • Target Fish: Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Sharks
  • What They Offer: Half-day and full-day trips

These captains provide the boat, tackle, licenses, and local know-how to put you on fish across the Mississippi Sound region.

Top Fishing Piers and Shore Access

Many public fishing piers and shore areas provide access to the Mississippi Sound:


  • The Rigolets Fishing Pier
  • Point aux Chenes Wildlife Management Area
  • Fort Pike Historic Site


  • Long Beach Fishing Pier
  • Crooked Bayou Access Area
  • Simmons Bayou Boat Launch
  • Ocean Springs Fishing Pier
  • Bay St. Louis Pier


  • Gulf State Park Pier
  • Mobile Bay Causeway Fishing Piers
  • Fairhope Fishing Pier at Pier Street

Small public launches also dot the marshy coastline, providing access for kayaks, canoes, and shallow draft boats. Pack light saltwater tackle to fish from shore.

Kayak Fishing the Mississippi Sound

Kayak fishing is popular in the calm, protected waters of the Mississippi Sound:


  • Cocodrie
  • Delacroix Island
  • Lake Borgne Marsh


  • Graveline Bayous
  • Pascagoula River Marsh
  • Backwaters off Biloxi/Ocean Springs


  • Grand Bay Marsh and Bayous
  • Fish River around Weeks Bay
  • Marshland around Point aux Pins

The maze of mangroves and marshes provide endless protected areas to explore by kayak while accessing fishing grounds. Use caution and proper safety equipment like radios on open water crossings.

Top Baits and Tackle Shops

Local tackle stores are the go-to for tips and gear:


  • Bridge Side Marina & Tackle – Madisonville
  • Delacroix Outfitters – Delacroix


  • One Stop Bait Shop – Biloxi
  • Gulf Coast Fisherman’s Supply – Biloxi
  • Hillman’s Fishing Center – Ocean Springs


  • Sam’s Stop & Shop Bait – Coden
  • Orange Beach Bait & Tackle
  • Ross’ Bait Shop – Fairhope

There are of course many more great local shops throughout the region – check close to where you’ll be fishing.

Lodging Near the Mississippi Sound

Some good lodging options near sound fishing access:


  • Auberge du Lac Hotel – Madisonville
  • WoodSpring Suites Slidell
  • Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge cabins


  • Hollywood Casino & Hotel Biloxi
  • Flint Creek Water Park & Campground
  • Shepard State Park cabins


  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Orange Beach
  • Wharf Hotel & Vacation Rentals – Orange Beach
  • Weeks Bay Lodge – near Point aux Pins

Campgrounds and vacation rentals provide affordable lodging options near prime areas.

Plan Your Mississippi Sound Fishing Adventure

The protected estuary waters of the Mississippi Sound offer amazing inshore fishing opportunities from Louisiana to Alabama.

Use this guide to help plan your next trip and take advantage of the excellent speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and other species that thrive in this rich ecosystem. Check seasonal patterns and solunar calendars to time your visit for peak feeding activity.

With a little preparation and the right tackle, you’re sure to have an amazing backwater fishing experience in the Mississippi Sound! Let us know how you do when you hit the water. Tight lines!

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